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3 Key Tools Every Home Mechanic Should Own

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Performing your own automobile repairs is a great way to save money and pick up new skills. But you may find even the most basic maintenance tasks nearly impossible if you don't arm yourself with the right tools. If you would like to learn more about improving your arsenal of tools, read on. This article will teach you about three must-have items for every home mechanic.

Portable Impact Wrench 

There's simply no substitute for an impact wrench when it comes to working on cars. These high-powered tools can be used to loosen up virtually any bolt--any bolt they can reach, that is. You see, traditional impact wrenches utilize air compressors to supply their power. While effective, the cord that tethers the wrench to its compressor greatly restricts maneuverability, and can present an annoying tripping hazard.

That's where portable impact wrenches come in. In the past, battery power simply hadn't advanced to the point to make these handy innovations possible. But thanks to lithium ion technology, which has eliminated many of the limitations that plagued earlier battery types, portable impact wrenches are now a viable alternative to their unwieldy predecessors, and a worthy investment for any serious home mechanic.

Automotive Battery Carrier

One of the most common chores faced by the home mechanic is the removal of old, dead car batteries. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task often turns out to be much trickier than expected. That's because the gap around many batteries simply doesn't provide the clearance necessary to get your fingers in there and pull the darn thing out--at least without scraping and bruising your knuckles in the process.

A battery carrier is an inexpensive investment that will eliminate any and all difficulties surrounding the task of battery removal. The carrier's jaws are slipped around the battery and then locked in, allowing the battery to be easily lifted out of its harness with the padded handle. Best of all, this brilliantly simple tool makes transporting batteries just as easy as removing them.

Flex Head Ratchet

No matter how serious your array of power tools, there will always be automotive tasks that require the use of a good hand tool. This is especially true of ratchets, which are capable of reaching into tight crevices that no power tool could ever reach. Flex head ratchets add yet another dimension of versatility. A special hinge at the base of the head allows them to be utilized in a variety of different poses and angles.

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