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Five Advantages Offered By A Sedan Body Style

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The sedan body style is probably the most popular body style out there, and it offers many advantages to vehicle owners.

The following are five advantages that could convince you to choose a sedan, like a Nissan Altima, rather than a coupe, hatchback, or SUV for your vehicle purchase:

The four doors of a sedan make it more comfortable for passengers to get in.

A huge drawback of a coupe style vehicle is that it's not very comfortable to get in the back seats. Some coupe vehicles can't even sit more than two people or will only sit people in the back who are not very tall. 

A sedan comfortably seats four or five passengers easily. Having two doors in the back makes it easy to get in and out, and the back seats can serve as a storage area when there are no passengers in them. 

The sedan layout offers an efficient combination of space and lower gas milage.

Sedans are probably so popular because they offer an efficient solution to allowing a lot of space without bulking up a vehicle so that it consumes more gas.

The gas milage or the sedan body style of a particular vehicle model is typically not that different from the gas milage of the coupe style, but the sedan will inevitably offer much greater cubic footage for storage and for passenger comfort.

A sedan style vehicle will typically cost less than an SUV.

SUVs can offer more cubic footage than sedan models, but they also tend to be more expensive because they are larger and require more materials and resources to produce.

SUVs will not only cost more to purchase initially, but they will also cost more to fuel and maintain because their gas milage is typically lower and their parts are typically more expensive.

Sedans are more compact and easier to drive in urban situations than larger vehicles like SUVs.

If you live in an urban location, you know how hard it can be to navigate a larger vehicle through your neighborhood streets. A sedan is more compact than an SUV, and this makes it easier to drive in heavy traffic or maneuver around urban obstacles.

Sedans have a practical and professional appearance.

A sedan is a standard vehicle body style that presents an image of professionalism, comfort, and practicality. Sedans can therefore be the most presentable body style option if you're using your vehicle to drive to professional events and appointments.