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Why You Should Take Your Volvo To A Dealership Or Authorized Shop For Service

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If you own a Volvo, you probably bought it with the intention of buying one. Of course, you may have been out shopping and found this is the type of car you want after trying many others. Most people who buy Volvos remain loyal to the brand, and for a good reason. When it comes time to have your car serviced or repaired, you are covered under the Volvo Service Promise that is better than most other car warranties. Here is what you can expect when you buy a Volvo.

Lifetime Parts and Labor

Once you pay to have a part replaced, it is covered under a lifetime part and labor warranty. If the new part should ever fail due to no fault of your own, it will be replaced at no cost. In other words, if for some reason your serpentine belt and tensioner keep breaking, it will be replaced. The shop will also try to figure out why it keeps happening and repair that as well. When you go to a dealership or authorized shop you can be sure they will take care of the problem the first time. If for some reason they don't, the repair will be redone for free.

Software Updates

Vehicles now have software programs to help run different systems and to integrate everything. Every so often there will be an upgrade to the software. While you will be sent a notice of the upgrade, you may have ignored it or not had a chance to get the upgrade yet. When you take your car in for regular servicing, the shop will make sure that all software programs in the vehicle are the latest version. You will never have to worry about something failing because the software you have is obsolete.


When you take your Volvo in for servicing or repairs, you will not have to sit and wait for the job to be done. If the work is going to take an extended amount of time, you will be given a vehicle to drive until you can have yours back. There is no rental fee; it is free to use while your car is in the shop.

Volvo wants their car drivers to be happy for as long as they have the car. They work hard to manufacture quality automobiles and want them to stay safe and sound. As an added bonus, anytime you take your vehicle to the shop they will wash it before returning it to you.