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New Features Accompanying This Fall's Ford Lineup Of New Cars

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As car fanatics wait with baited breath for the new Ford cars for sale, there is a lot of rumors running around. Some of those rumors are actually true. The ones that have been confirmed are as follows.

A Mid-Line Car Redesigned for Entry-Level Luxury 

Yep, this one is true. The manufacturer took one of its most highly-recognized mid-line vehicles, redesigned it, and is selling it to the luxury crowd. It is reportedly sleeker, more high-tech, and lots of interior room. If you have always wanted a luxury car, but this company did not seem to have something you wanted along those lines, check out the two models of this make that are rolling into dealerships in the next month or so.

Compact Pickup Truck Makes New Debut

This company decided to resurrect the make of a certain pickup truck that went out of production almost a decade ago. This newer model of the same make boasts a better design, better fuel efficiency, and is a more compact truck than its predecessors. It will also have a very sporty appearance.

New Paint Jobs and New Color Options

The rest of this company's cars will receive new paint jobs with new color options. Featured this year is burnt orange, bright lapis blue, pearlized blue, bright yellow, and even deep burgundy. If you find the Ford you want in the color you do not, ask for a paint job. Most body shops should be able to manage it.

Upgrades in Software

If you have not recently taken your current vehicle into a dealership for a software upgrade, then you do not know what you are missing. Newer cars receive the updated software downloaded directly into their onboard computers. This year's upgrades are reportedly going to blow people's minds, but you are going to have to take a test drive to find out.

Other Improvements in the Works

Some other improvements have been rumored to be in the 2019 line-up. However, these rumors currently remain rumors since they were always rumors, or Ford has not yet worked out some kinks. If you attend any future car shows, you might hear more about these improvements. Company representatives may also be able to give you some more "deets" on those improvements and when the company expects to reveal them and roll them into their vehicles and off the production lines. Until then, you will just have to shop what is coming out.