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The Where, When, And How Of Selling Your RV

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Whether you are downsizing or you are hoping to upgrade, selling your RV may be a task on your household's agenda. Most households own a vehicle of sorts, but not everyone has a motorhome. Unfortunately, that does not make the process of selling your RV any easier. Proper preparation can help you sell your RV in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Here are a few tips to help you sell your RV.

The Where

One of the first things to consider is where or how you want to sell your RV. Surprisingly, you do have many options.

Many owners will choose to list their RV for sale on their home using social media and classified ads. This can be effective, but it will not help you reach a specific group of people who are actually interested in buying a motorhome.

Another option to consider is advertising the RV for sale while parked at a campground. You can place a sign up while you are traveling or you can park your RV at a local campground where it can be easily accessed by your family and by potential buyers.

Finally, you list your RV with websites that are designed to sell RVs, like Or, list the RV with a local dealership that sells new and used recreational vehicles.

The When

Again, there may be specific reasons why you want to sell. You may need to cut costs and downsize some of your belongings, or you may want to sell and upgrade to a larger RV. No matter what the reason is, there is a better time to sell.

Because most people are starting to make travel arrangements in the spring and summer, this is the most common time for people to buy RVs. If you need to sell quickly, consider listing your RV for sale during the spring in hopes of it selling by the summer season.

The How

It is important to think of your RV like a vehicle, but also like a home, especially when it comes to selling it. Therefore, you should prepare the RV to sell in the same way you would prefer your vehicle and your home to sell.

Make sure to clean out the interior of your RV and make any necessary repairs. Have the RV serviced and update the service records.

Staging the interior is also helpful. Make it clean, but make sure it looks organized and spacious, as well. Selling your RV does not have to be an overwhelming process. With these tips, you can sell your motorhome with ease.