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Why So Many People Like Mid-Sized Suvs

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It used to be that there was one type of SUV: a really big one. Although large SUVs are great at towing around a handful of kids or a boat, they aren't necessarily something that is good for everyone in their everyday lives. Luckily, car makers created the mid-sized SUV, which has gained a lot of popularity among families everywhere, but why? 

They Sit Higher

A lot of people feel safer and more confident when they are driving around in a car that sits higher above others; especially when driving on the freeway. Most mid-sized SUVs do sit a lot higher than sedans, and if not, you can always have them lifted. By sitting up higher, you can feel a lot more confident when you are in a middle lane between two semi-trucks.

They Tend to Have More Room

If you have kids (especially kids in car seats), you know how much backseat room you need in order to make everyone feel comfortable and to keep some distance between them when you are driving. With a small SUV, you can get a similar amount of room as with a large SUV but without as much storage in the back. Some mid-sized SUVs do have a third row in them that you can fold down if you want more trunk space, or you can use the car to haul around the neighborhood carpool. 

They Have Hatchback Trunks

A lot of people find that having a hatchback trunk is a lot more convenient when they are shopping and loading groceries. Mid-sized SUV's often come with hatchback trunks that make everything a lot more accessible. Plus, a lot of them nowadays come with technology where you can open the hatchback of the car either with your key or just by placing your foot underneath the hitch, which signals it to open. 

They Can Tow Small Sports Vehicles

While you probably aren't going to find a mid-sized SUV that can tow a large boat or anything too crazy, if you have things that you want to haul like a four-wheeler or jet skis, you can typically get a trailer hitch that can pull a trailer just for those smaller-sized outdoor toys. Just make sure that you consult the user manual on your car before you buy a trailer so that you know you aren't going to high-center because you are towing too much weight. 

Now that you know some of the benefits of having a mid-sized SUV for your family, it's time to schedule an appointment with a car dealership to look at SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe in your area.