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3 Tips To Find A Quality Roll-Off Trailer

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Whether you are trying to expand the services you offer your customers or you want to reduce your own waste management costs, investing in a roll-off trailer can help accomplish your goals. The right roll-off trailer can serve as a valuable asset well into the future.

You must look for some key features when buying a roll-off trailer to ensure you invest in the trailer that is best suited to meet your ongoing needs.

1. Look for a Reeving Cylinder

Roll-off dumpsters work via a cable system. There are a few different options available when it comes to the type of cable system used to operate a roll-off dumpster. The most popular are a winding drum and a reeving cylinder.

You want to select a trailer with a reeving cylinder. The benefit of this type of cable system is that the cable never comes into contact with itself during operation. Maintaining separation allows the cable to last longer and prevents possible accidents that could lead to serious injury.

2. Opt for Powder Coat Paint

The type of paint that is applied to a trailer can have an impact on its lifespan. You will encounter roll-off trailers painted with both enamel and powder coat paint. Your best bet is to choose a powder-coated trailer.

Powder coat paint has the ability to resist fading when exposed to direct sunlight. This will prevent the paint from deteriorating and chipping. Paint chips can expose the metal frame of the trailer, resulting in significant rust.

Be sure that you verify a trailer has been primed and powder coated before you make a purchase.

3. Bolted Axles

The axles support the weight of your roll-off trailer. This makes axle selection an important part of the evaluation process when you are in the market for a new trailer. The fewer moving parts on your trailer axles, the more reliable the trailer will be.

Look for a trailer with bolted axles instead of welded ones. Bolted axles are much easier to repair when they do malfunction, and the bolts tend to offer a more secure hold than a weld seam.

Choosing a roll-off trailer with bolted axles can reduce repair and maintenance costs over the life of your trailer.

Paying attention to some important characteristics when searching for a roll-off trailer will ensure you find the trailer that can help you find success in the future. Contact a company like Ruble Truck Sales Inc to learn more.