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5 Defining Features of an SUV

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If you are thinking about upgrading from the car driving experience to the SUV driving experience, it is essential to know what you are getting into. See a few defining features of this specific type of vehicle.

Feature #1: High-Capacity Engine

An SUV doesn't have a basic engine like a low-end car. Instead, it is designed to have a high-capacity powerful engine. An SUV is a vehicle that should be capable of doing a little towing, just like a truck. Many SUVs have high-capacity engines strong enough to allow the SUV to pull a trailer with some ATVs on it, a small fishing boat, or another vehicle. So you are going to enjoy a powerful engine when you purchase an SUV.

Feature #2: All-Wheel Drive

An SUV is a sports utility vehicle, and a real sports utility vehicle needs to have an all-wheel-drive capacity. All-wheel drive capacity allows you to get the traction you need when you are driving on the dirt or driving off-road. With a vehicle designed to take you anywhere, you need traction that you can take anywhere.

Feature #3: High Ground Clearance

Next, an SUV is designed to have high ground clearance, so you can easily take your vehicle off-road. An SUV is designed to handle dirt and gravel roads, not just perfectly paved roads. The higher clearance means that your vehicle will not bottom out when driving on more adventurous paths.

Feature #4: Long Wheelbase

A longer wheelbase is designed to allow you to enjoy a more stable and comfortable drive. With a longer wheelbase, your vehicle will stay more stable when you are driving at high speeds. This allows your SUV to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride, just like you would associate with a comfortable sedan.

Feature #5: High Seat Position

With an SUV, your seat will be higher off the ground. As a result, you will feel like you are riding above the road. A high seat position will allow you to see more of the road and give you a better vantage point when you are driving.

If you want a vehicle that has a strong engine, all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, a longer wheelbase for a more stable ride, and a high seat position, you should consider purchasing a used SUV from a local used car dealership. A used SUV will allow you to enjoy all those features at a price you can afford.