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5 Fun Features to Look for In Your Next Truck

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As you start shopping for your next truck, look for one that has interesting features that will make using your truck a little more fun.   

Bed Box  

One of the challenges of a truck is having enough storage space for things that you don't want to have out in the open. With a bed box, a box is hidden on the floor of the truck bed, providing you with covered storage that you can put things inside, lock, and keep secure, without giving up space inside or in the bed of your truck. A bed box is a great way to offer you more storage.   

Extended or Mega Cab  

If you are regularly hauling around your kids or other adults in your truck, you don't want to feel like you are squeezing everyone into a tight space. You want your children and other adults to feel like they are riding around in comfort, which can be achieved by looking for a truck with an extended cab or with a mega cab. A truck with an extended or mega cab has a set-up more like a sports utility vehicle, with more spacious sitting arrangements.   

Multi-Functional Tailgate  

You will want to look for a vehicle with a tailgate that allows you to get things done. Look for a tailgate that opens more than one way, such as one that folds down like a traditional tailgate or with a tailgate that opens from the middle. Or look for a tailgate with a built-in step, so you can easily step up into your truck.   

Trailer Sway Control  

If you like to regularly pull a trailer with a truck, look for a truck that offers additional trailer support, such as trailer sway control. This will help ensure that it stays stable when you are pulling a trailer and doesn't move all-around behind your vehicle. You should be able to easily pull a trailer when you are driving a new truck; with trailer sway control, you can.   

Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Bed  

You want a truck bed that isn't going to be heavy and weigh your truck down. You want a truck bed that isn't going to rust and degrade.  

With an aluminum or carbon fiber truck bed, you can solve both issues simultaneously. Both aluminum and carbon fiber are light and don't weigh down your truck or cut into the vehicle's fuel efficiency. Additionally, neither of them rust, helping to maintain the integrity of your trust bed and keeping rust from transferring onto goods you are transporting with your truck bed.  

The above features are both fun and functional and will make owning a truck a more enjoyable experience. If you're interested in learning more, look for trucks for sale in your area.