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2 Types Of Vehicles To Consider For Your Bug Out Plan

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Trying to create a disaster or bug out plan is pretty pointless if you do not have the right vehicle to get you out of danger and to your safe bug out location until the disaster is over. However, with all of the different vehicles on the market, it can be a bit difficult to choose between them for your bug out plan. Listed below are two types of vehicles that you should consider adding to your disaster planning.


An SUV should be on your list of possible bug out vehicles if for no other reason than its large cargo capacity. This option will not only let you transport a lot of food, medicine, and other vital supplies, but it will also allow you to take multiple passengers with you to safety. 

In addition, the cargo area of an SUV is within the cabin, which is very useful in a disaster situation as it hides your supplies from the view of looters, thieves, or desperate people who were not prepared for the disaster. In addition, many of your supplies may be sensitive so the SUV's covered cargo area is ideal for keeping your supplies safe from the weather.

Finally, a lot of available SUVs are designed to be used for adventure applications, such as off-roading and camping. These SUVs can provide you with the ability to tackle almost any terrain without having to worry about the rough conditions breaking your vehicle. 


One of the most versatile vehicles that you can select for your disaster plan is a motorcycle. This option is typically only going to be suitable if you are only going to be transporting yourself to a bug out location as you are not really able to have more than a single passenger with you.

The reason that a motorcycle can make a great bug out vehicle is that there are multiple types of motorcycles that are designed for long distance riding. These adventure bikes will often have quite a bit of storage that can be used to carry emergency supplies in the event of a disaster. In addition, an adventure bike is also often very capable of going off-road which is a great option if you need to avoid major roads due to traffic or road obstructions due to evacuations or damage caused by the disaster.

Drop by your local car lot today in order to test out the many possible bug out vehicles. Many SUVs and motorcycles make great additions to a disaster plan due to their versatility, durability, and off-road capabilities. Visit for more information.